Website/online shop translations

“84 percent of consumers buy from a website with product information in their own language.”

Website and online shop translations by comtexto

Localised content offers a clear competitive advantage

As a company with an online presence on the Swiss market, you face the challenge of ensuring that your website meets the multilingual requirements of your Swiss target group and remains constantly up to date. It is quite clear that online customers only read, use and buy what they actually understand. This makes the localisation of a website one of the key criteria for web content – especially as far as the user experience is concerned.

For efficient translation of websites and online shops, we recommend using tools (connectors) that automate the translation process. This results in cost advantages and the highest possible text quality for you.


Website/online shop translations

A fit and healthy website


Our linguists have in-depth knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO) and have a perfect feel for digital trends. Once optimised, your translated web content offers optimal search engine visibility – plus the best user experience.

Specialised team of linguists

Depending on the expertise required, the appropriate team of linguists will be made available to you. Depending on the specialist and industry know-how, e-commerce, software or mobile app expertise required, the ideal team will set to work on your translation. Our linguists have many years of experience in website localisation. This ensures that they always address your users in the most appropriate manner.

Intelligent interfaces

Thanks to our intelligent interfaces, we integrate localised content “in-place” into your CMS. This means that translated content is efficiently and elegantly migrated to the designated location. In addition, our linguists make sure that the space provided remains sufficient in all target languages and that no template adjustments are necessary.

Up-to-date content in any language

It is the duty of website operators to regularly protect the positioning of their website by adding new, high-quality content. Keeping your own content up to date should really be a matter of course. All too often, however, companies shy away from making this effort for all language versions. comtexto continuously monitors your website and ensures that all language versions remain up to date.

Our tip

It’s a good idea to have the content of previously localised websites regularly checked by our experts for search engine optimisation and addressing in line with your target groups. This ensures that optimal search engine indexing is always guaranteed in all language versions and that your users will find up-to-date terminology in your content. In other words, it keeps your website healthy!

Your direct connection to us!

Are you already familiar with our customer portal mycomtexto? It allows you to easily submit and manage your translation orders.

mycomtexto offers you various advantages:


Certified quality and security

Highest quality and security standards

The multiple certification of our services guarantees the highest quality and security standards.

ISO 17100 certification ensures the evaluation of translation quality according to objective criteria, for example. The standard also specifies the skills and qualifications required by translators and revisers, in addition to other conditions.

Our ISO 18587 certification ensures that we meet the same high standards for post-editing as for human translation.

Thanks to ISO 27001 certification, comtexto is triple ISO certified. One thing is certain: your data is safe with us. This is because the ISO 27001 certification for information security is recognised worldwide. Among other things, it ensures that all aspects of risk management with regard to information processing procedures comply with the latest standards.


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