Certified translations

When it has to be official

Certified translations by comtexto

How translations become legally binding documents

Certified translations are often required for official use by Swiss or foreign authorities and institutions. The certification itself can be done in different ways and depends on the requirements of the country of destination and the purpose of use.


Certified translations

For which documents are certified translations required?

What are the different types of certified translation?

A specific form of certification may be required depending on the document and the requirements of the country of destination.

Simple certification

If a simple certification is needed, comtexto certifies that the translation has been carried out correctly to the best of its knowledge and belief. The certified translation is an exact and legally binding translation of the source document. Even errors in the original must not be corrected in the target language. Simple certification is sufficient for most of the documents listed.

Notarial certification

In order to obtain notarial certification, the documents translated and certified by us are notarised, or certified a second time, by a notary. The notary does not check the content of the translation, but merely authenticates the signature of our translator. A notarised translation is usually recognised by all Swiss authorities.


In addition to notarial certification, some documents from foreign authorities require further certification in the form of a notarisation or an apostille from a cantonal state chancellery.

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Certified quality and security

Highest quality and security standards

The multiple certification of our services guarantees the highest quality and security standards.

ISO 17100 certification ensures the evaluation of translation quality according to objective criteria, for example. The standard also specifies the skills and qualifications required by translators and revisers, in addition to other conditions.

Our ISO 18587 certification ensures that we meet the same high standards for post-editing as for human translation.

Thanks to ISO 27001 certification, comtexto is triple ISO certified. One thing is certain: your data is safe with us. This is because the ISO 27001 certification for information security is recognised worldwide. Among other things, it ensures that all aspects of risk management with regard to information processing procedures comply with the latest standards.


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