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Our greatest strength? Our team!

Our language experts

Brilliant professionals make all the difference

At its Zurich location, comtexto employs its own team of language experts to ensure the production of first-class texts. This team is supported by a network of around 400 highly qualified national and international linguists.

Alycia Gossart

Linguist on the French team

Amélie Gärtner

Linguist on the French team

André Grüter

Linguist on the French team

Anita Pillet

Linguist on the German team

Annabelle Vivier-Metayer

Linguist on the French team

Barbara Villa

Linguist on the Italian team

Chiara Di Bisceglie

Linguist on the Italian team

Claudio Waldburger

Head of Sales

Cristina Merlo

Linguist on the Italian team

Eloisa Garrone

Linguist on the Italian team

Our values

360° value orientation

Interest is not enough for us. We want real passion. That’s why our specialist teams work on every project with enthusiasm until the best solution has been found. We apply values such as customer focus, commitment, flexibility, loyalty, respect, motivation, tolerance and mutual appreciation as the pillars of our daily success.

Customer focus

We strive for the perfection demanded by our customers, because our 1,700+ customers are the best in their field.


Only specially selected, experienced and trained language experts work at comtexto. 

100 percent up to date

Last but not least, our triple-certified services guarantee that our expert teams not only maintain standards, but set them.


Careers at comtexto

Would you like to become part of our team?

We have more than 1,700 discerning customers, who are each among the best in class in their relevant business sector. For this reason, we are constantly on the lookout for above-average employees to strengthen our team. We want people who enjoy constantly endeavouring to surpass themselves, and who will work with dedication to share in the success of comtexto.

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