The foundation stone for comtexto AG was laid in 1978. Since then, comtexto has developed steadily and, thanks to natural growth and acquisitions, has established itself as one of the leading language service providers on the Swiss market. comtexto is dedicated to meeting the needs of Swiss clients and specialises in language services in the four Swiss national languages, German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic, as well as English. Our main focus is on language localisation, i.e. the adaptation of communication and information content to the local linguistic and cultural conditions in Switzerland. Our customer base currently includes over 800 large and medium-sized Swiss companies.


At its Zurich location, comtexto has its own team of language experts who ensure the production of first-class texts. This team is supported by an independent network of around 400 highly qualified national and international language experts.

Software Developer

Allan Bachmann

Italian Linguist

Giacomo Balotti

Italian Linguist

Luigi Borriello

German Linguist

Ramona Cango

English Linguist

Jonathan Clement

German Linguist

Sylvia Couturier

Italian Linguist

Serafino Dennert

German Linguist

Liva Dziedataja

German Linguist

Kathrin Fuchs

French Linguist

Amandine Gaule

French Linguist

Magali Girault

English Linguist

Matthew Grant

French Linguist

André Grüter

Project Coordinator

Maja Habas

German Linguist

Jeannine Hirt
anita isler

German Linguist

Anita Isler

Project Coordinator

Maja Kostadinova

French Linguist

Muriel Mordelet-Derrien

Italian Linguist

Carlotta Morelli

French Linguist

Marion Pinault

Head of IT & Innovation

Kai Piontek

Network Partner Management

Audrey Plumejeau

Head of Project Coordination

Thomas Rösli

German Linguist

Susann Sprenger

Head of Marketing & Social Media

Marc v. Steinmetz

French Linguist

Mathilde Thomahsowski

French Linguist

Silke Vaissiere-Trontin

Head of Sales

Claudio Waldburger

Managing Director

Marie-Christine Waldburger

Project Coordinator

Manuel Zobic



Establishment of comtexto, focussing on the French language.


Emphasis on the mobility and advertising industries.


Sector expansion to include banks, insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry and the retail trade. Language extension to include German, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic.


Sector expansion to include law and telecommunications.


Language expansion to include English.

sprache englisch


Takeover of comtexto by Marie-Christine Waldburger. Sector expansion to include tourism.


Use of CAT software.


Sector expansion to include the public sector and energy


Takeover of manrey Übersetzungen and Cantatore Übersetzungen. Promotion to the top league of language service providers on the Swiss market.

From 2014

Digitisation of the business model.


Launch of Djinee – the first provider of multilingual community management in Switzerland.


comtexto turns 40.

40 jahre comtexto Übersetzungsbüro