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Translation, revision, proofreading, copywriting


The foundation stone for comtexto AG was laid in 1978 when the company was founded as a translation agency. Since then, comtexto has developed steadily and, thanks to natural growth and acquisitions, has established itself as one of the leading language service providers on the Swiss market.

comtexto is dedicated to meeting the needs of Swiss clients and specialises in language services such as translation, revision, proofreading and copywriting. It does so in the four Swiss national languages as well as English.

44 years in Switzerland, for Switzerland!

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As a translation agency in Zurich, comtexto AG is dedicated to meeting the needs of Swiss clients and focuses on the localisation of texts in the four Swiss national languages, German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic, as well as English.

The language of Goethe and Schiller, of Thomas Mann and Herta Müller.

German is the most widespread mother tongue and language of communication in Switzerland, spoken by two thirds of the inhabitants. The local population speaks Swiss German in various dialects.

Swiss High German is a variety of German, but differs from it in a number of ways, with its own specific features when it comes to vocabulary, word formation, morphology, syntax and spelling. Our German language team never loses sight of these special features, also known as Helvetisms.

The language of Molière, Racine, Stendhal and Balzac.

Swiss French is spoken by the population of French-speaking Switzerland (around 22.8% of the population).

Swiss French is a variety of French, but differs from it in a number of ways, with its own specific features when it comes to vocabulary, word formation, morphology, syntax and spelling. Our French language team is fully familiar with these particularities.

The language of Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio.

Swiss Italian is spoken by people in the canton of Ticino and in the four southern valleys (Misox, Calancatal, Bergell, Puschlav) and the municipality of Bivio in the canton of Graubünden (about 8.4% of the population). Italian is the official language of the places mentioned above.

Swiss Italian is a variety of Italian, but differs from it in a number of ways, with its own specific features when it comes to vocabulary, word formation, morphology, syntax and spelling. It goes without saying that our Italian language team knows these characteristics inside and out.

Romansh, the fourth language of Switzerland.

The national language of Rhaeto-Romanic is still largely unknown to the world – and even to many Swiss people themselves. Since it is only spoken in Graubünden (about 0.5% of the Swiss population), the rest of Switzerland hardly ever hears it. However, it is part of the Swiss identity and has the status of a national and official language.

We are proud to support the survival of this unique language with the help of our Rhaeto-Romanic language team.

Switzerland’s fifth language?

British English This is the term used to refer to the varieties of the English language spoken in the British Isles and used as a written language under the name British Standard English.

American English This is the form of English spoken in the United States of America. Together with the similar Canadian English, it forms the group of North American English standard languages. American English is the most widely spoken variety of English, with over 200 million native speakers.


We strive to achieve the perfection demanded by our customers, because our 1700+ customers are the best in their field. Our first-class texts are widely recognised on the market. We guarantee the premium quality of our services by unconditionally adhering to the strictest specifications and standards in each of our projects. High customer satisfaction is the most important reward for us.


We don’t simply translate your original document line for line. We create a new text that is lively and compelling in its own right. We are as demanding and discerning as you are. We pay special attention to language localisation, which means adapting products and information content to Switzerland’s linguistic and cultural conditions. Our translators are all specially selected, experienced, trained specialists who translate into their mother tongue.

Proofreading and revision

During proofreading, we check the spelling, grammar and punctuation of a text very carefully. You will receive an error-free text as the final version. During revision, as well as checking spelling, grammar and punctuation, we also verify comprehensibility, style and structure. The result is a uniform, easy-to-read text that is guaranteed to appeal to your target audience.


Do you have ideas that you would like to put down on paper in order to create texts that will have a real impact on your audience? Are you looking for someone to write your newsletter, customer magazine or Facebook articles or speeches? Our professional copywriters will turn your thoughts into writing for you.


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