The all-round carefree package for your community


Multilingual community management for companies

communiteam is the first community management service in Switzerland for medium and large companies, offering an all-round carefree package consisting of reading, translation, engagement and data science for your social media channels.



What communiteam can do for you

Monitoring of all community posts

We read and classify new posts from your community instantly and continuously. The posts are picked up by us and processed one by one. Critical posts are translated and forwarded almost in real time, and corresponding response suggestions formulated. On request, communiteam can do this seven days a week and around the clock.

Answers and suggested answers

Community management with communiteam includes active development and maintenance of your community. We can draw up suggested replies according to your specifications or reply directly if you prefer. In doing so, we take care of the entire interaction process and publish multilingual posts of the highest quality that are adapted to social media.

Forwarding and ticketing

We “send” incoming enquiries from your community to the right person at your company, e.g. the social media team or your service organisation. We follow up on posts once they have been submitted and ensure that no questions remain unanswered.


When posts are received in a language that is not understood by your recipients (e.g. the social media team or customer service), we translate them into an agreed basic language. In addition, we take care of the translation of all the interactions associated with the relevant post and its responses.

Respect for netiquette

If members of the community do not observe netiquette, we point this out to them and, if necessary, hide their posts from the rest of the community. We also consistently ban trolls and troublemakers from the community.

Data analysis and reporting

The success and ROI of using communiteam can be measured at any time. Based on previously defined KPIs, our reporting provides information on performance, reach, sentiment, engagement and influence. Our experts illustrate and highlight further details using tables, graphs and analyses with the relevant information.

Do you have any questions about our technologies and solutions?

Your personal contact, Claudio Waldburger, will be happy to assist you:

+41 44 885 08 08