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Digital = multilingual

Digitisation and its fascinating effects on language

In the history of humankind, everyday technology and its interfaces have never changed quite as rapidly and radically as they have in the age of digitisation. The influence of languages has been significant, as has the impact upon them. The advent of customisation, networking and cloud computing has heralded the emergence of new-generation technology that meets the user’s every whim and uses a knowledge of language to better support information and communication. Apple’s mobile assistant Siri, Google Home and Amazon Echo are opening up previously undreamt-of possibilities for new business areas and digital products, provided that they speak and understand the language of their users. This means that digitisation should not be seen simply as something to be tacked on to existing structures. As such, in order to tap into new markets and groups of users in Switzerland, digital products must demonstrate their proximity to local user groups, while also overcoming language barriers. When using mobile apps, for instance, users can be assigned profiles and save their configurations via their device IDs. Many apps have made the most of this feature and set the right language for the app according to the language settings and locations stored on the device. Brand-related apps are becoming increasingly important as communication, sales and marketing tools even for traditional companies that do not have an app as one of their core products. One might go so far as to say that a company that doesn’t have an app in today’s world is the equivalent of a company that didn’t have a website in 2010. With comtexto as your translation service provider, you are entrusting your digital products to a company that understands your business and speaks the languages of your target groups. Just send us your enquiry!