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Based on the definition of specialist language, we at comtexto designate specialist texts as texts whose content can be distinguished from standard language primarily through the use of specialist terminology and language. These are specific to a particular field or industry. Are you looking for specialists who can translate your specialist texts for specific target groups? Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, our specialist translators know the specifics of your field and the associated terminology.

Industry-specific texts

  • Texts written in industry-specific specialist language (for example: retail, energy)

Financial and economic texts

  • Analyses and reports
  • Fund and securities prospectuses
  • Financial reports, annual and quarterly reports
  • Presentations

Medical texts

  • Application notes and information brochures for patients
  • Instruction leaflets / drug information
  • Expert opinions
  • Patient reports

Scientific texts

  • Doctoral theses
  • Studies
  • Scientific articles

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