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Successful storytelling

The term “storytelling” is on everyone’s lips. But how does successful storytelling actually work? How do you attract attention in the newsfeed of your followers?

You probably do it regularly yourself: browse through your social media newsfeed – on Facebook for example – looking for interesting articles and posts that are relevant to you. The followers of your social media channels do exactly the same thing. Users only look at what they are interested in – and what they understand. That’s why it’s essential to communicate with users in their own language! Moving images also make a significant contribution to successful storytelling. This is because moving images are becoming more and more simple to produce and to consume. At the same time, changes are taking place in the mechanisms of interaction, participation and organisation. As a general rule, the more closely a format is tailored to a particular channel, the more successful it will be. According to Google, ads produced specifically for YouTube & Co. achieve a 7% higher ad recall rate than ads designed for TV. In addition, vertical video formats like Snapchat are on the rise. When using moving images, it is important to make sure that autoplay videos start without sound. They must therefore also work without sound. The best way to do this is with appropriately translated subtitles. According to Facebook, subtitles increase view time by 12%. This is especially true for social media communication: CONTENT IS KING – MULTILANGUAGE CONTENT IS KING KONG! We would be pleased to advise you in detail on these topics. Just send us your enquiry!