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If you are looking for a qualified specialist translator in Zurich, our local translation agency looks forward to hearing from you. Our experts translate a wide range of articles into the four main languages spoken in Switzerland. We would be happy to help you at any time if, for example, you would like to have a German document translated into French as the target language. The expert knowledge of our specialist translators is as broad as it is deep. That’s why we offer our clients a quality guarantee for all our translations, as well as for our revision service. If you need an article in Italian, you’re also in exactly the right place at our translation agency. Our translators transfer every text into the desired target language with great care and professional expertise. You can also contact our translation agency if you require a German text translated into Rhaeto-Romanic. As a translation agency based in Zurich, we know exactly what to look out for in this type of specialist translation. In addition, all our linguists without exception are experienced native speakers. As a result, our translation agency is able to correctly translate all the subtleties and linguistic idiosyncrasies of your texts into the desired language.

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Benefit from the attractive services of our translation agency

Whether you require a certified translation or a specialist translation – we will be happy to help. Our expert translators not only have an excellent command of all four languages officially spoken in Switzerland (plus English). We also cover a wide range of specialist areas for our customers. Banks and insurance companies are among the clients that collaborate with our translation agency in Zurich. Our qualified translators know what matters when it comes to translating an annual or quarterly report, for instance. But we cover many more specialist areas for our customers. Please also contact us if, for example, you need a certified translation for your law firm. In addition, we carry out professional terminology management in order to be able to guarantee our customers specialist translations of the highest standard. That’s why at comtexto we always create consistent texts with clear and unambiguous terminology. You can also take advantage of our qualified revision service, which helps you to improve existing texts in terms of grammar, style and spelling.

The comtexto quality guarantee assures you of the highest quality standards for our services. Whether you’re looking for a solution for translation, proofreading/revision, copywriting, terminology management, video and audio editing or process integration. Our quality guarantee covers all our specialist areas such as banking, retail, energy, mobility, the public sector, pharmaceutics, law, telecommunications, tourism, insurance, as well as advertising & PR. In addition, we meet far more than the required standards in terms of human and technical resources, as well as quality and project management.

Certified specialist translations with a quality guarantee

Anyone who entrusts their documents to comtexto’s translation agency benefits from a number of advantages. Our translators not only have solid training, they are also highly motivated. Regardless of whether you are looking for specialist translations for the pharmaceutical, tourism or advertising industries – we will always find the right words for you. Our Zurich translation service employs language experts from a wide range of disciplines. That’s why we have the right linguist at hand when, for example, official correspondence and publications need to be translated into French, Italian or Rhaeto-Romanic. But no matter whether you need challenging translations completed or would like to take advantage of our revision service – quality always comes first in our translation work. That’s why our translation agency is so popular with public contracting entities, law firms and reputed companies. If you would like to have your translations carried out by specialised linguists from now on, comtexto’s translation agency in Zurich will be happy to help. Our dedicated team looks forward to hearing from you!

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