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Revision and proofreading at comtexto in Zurich

We give your texts that extra final touch so that they meet the same high demands on a linguistic level as they do in terms of content. Regardless of whether we carried out the translation ourselves or are editing documents written by you, because revision and proofreading are always part of our service. When proofreading a document, we pay particular attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation, whereas during revision, our revisers also verify stylistic points such as structure and formatting.

revision proofreading zurich

Writing is something that has to be learned

Not everyone who has a high level of scientific knowledge also finds it easy to write – after all, these are two completely different fields of expertise. Good legibility is essential to ensure that a text is understood properly, however, especially when the content is complex. Here too, we can make a significant contribution with our professional revision and proofreading services. Of course, corrections are only made to language, the scientific content remains untouched. This is exactly what the art of revision is all about at comtexto.

Revision and proofreading for translations

We place the highest demands on ourselves and always deliver flawless results. For this reason, every translation produced at comtexto is also submitted to an internal editor for proofreading. If a linguistic or stylistic error effectively escaped the translator’s notice, the reviser will correct the text and only then approve it for delivery to the customer. Thanks to this additional revision step, you are always on the safe side when entrusting any kind of text to us.

Revision and proofreading for Rhaeto-Romanic documents

As a language service provider, we specialise in the four national languages of Switzerland. We pay special attention to the minority language of Rhaeto-Romanic, because we would like to help preserve this mixture of Latin, Celtic and Rhaetian languages which is unique in the world. As with all other languages, we exclusively employ native speakers to write, proofread and revise Rhaeto-Romanic documents who are familiar not only with punctuation and spelling, but also with stylistic and cultural characteristics.

Writing and proofreading for many specialist areas

Our revision and proofreading services cover a large number of languages as well as a wide range of specialist areas. Whether energy, mobility, telecommunications or banking, tourism, insurance, public relations or the public sector – at comtexto the right reviser is available to write professional texts or make expert corrections, whatever the field. We treat the formatting of simple flyers just as carefully as the revision of scientific papers or entire websites.

Revision and proofreading for satisfied customers

The quality of comtexto’s revision services is gaining a growing reputation among interested parties. We are already able to name more than 800 large and medium-sized companies in Switzerland as our regular customers, and the number is constantly growing. One reason for the great interest in our services has to be localisation, because we speak the languages of Switzerland. Write to us or contact us by telephone if you would like to make use of our revision and proofreading services. We will be happy to advise you and make you a non-binding offer.

The comtexto quality guarantee assures you of the highest quality standards for our services. Whether you’re looking for a solution for translation, proofreading/revision, copywriting, terminology management, video and audio editing or process integration. Our quality guarantee covers all our specialist areas such as banking, retail, energy, mobility, the public sector, pharmaceutics, law, telecommunications, tourism, insurance, as well as advertising & PR. In addition, we meet far more than the required standards in terms of human and technical resources, as well as quality and project management.

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