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Copywriting – writing with recognition value

Writing is more than just connecting sentences, combining syllables and stringing words together. Writing is an art in its own right. Texts have to be lively, tell stories, summarise facts and inspire readers. And that’s what comtexto is there for. Do you have an idea? We’ll put it down on paper.

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Bespoke writing – texts for any channel

Do you have something to say? But don’t know how to put it? Let our copywriters take care of it for you. Whether it’s a newsletter, customer magazine, SEO text or headline – our experts will express your thoughts. We create Facebook posts that go down well. Our speeches and articles make a lasting impression. Effective headlines and sophisticated marketing bring your content to the fore. Our language professionals rise to meet every challenge. A strong concept, written in a versatile way with accurate spelling – we know what your readers want to hear.

Writing with added value – language experts for 11 industries

Whether it’s the pharmaceutical, tourist or telecommunications industry – each industry writes in its own language. Comtexto speaks the same language. We write in the right tone for eleven demanding industries:

  • Banks
  • Retail trade
  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • Public sector
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Law
  • Telecommunications
  • Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Advertising & PR

We bring experts and industries together. We express your concerns thanks to our specialist knowledge, language experience and writing skills. Our Swiss quality promise: understandable, stylish and 100% unique. From the headline to the final sentence – we copyright with recognition value.

Texts with vision – when writing meets marketing

Writing alone is no longer enough. The marketing also needs to be just right. Anyone who copywrites wants to make themselves heard – that’s where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes in. In the generation of digitisation, SEO has long been a must. But no ordinary SEO. Ideally people want professional SEO texts written by specialists that are well researched, original, and contain the right information. From a concise introduction to creative subheadings – comtexto knows how to deal with search engine optimisation. Our copywriters do not write primarily for Google & Co, they write first and foremost for the reader. Experience shows that articles with this strategy rank best.

Good copywriting – for a solid first impression

No matter how lively an article, spelling mistakes can cause the general impression to suffer. Incorrect sentence structure, poor grammar and misspellings make any document appear unprofessional. comtexto makes sure that the first impression is perfect – be it for a heading, subheading or call-to-action. From style to linguistic correctness and factual content – our customers appreciate the attractive overall picture we create.

We speak Swiss

We write for Switzerland – passionately. We have all four national languages in our vocabulary: German, French, English, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic. Do you have any special requests? Thanks to our long-standing network partners, we can translate into almost every language in the world. However, reproduction alone does not satisfy the high demands of our professional copywriters. Localisation is their recipe for success. In other words: comtexto translates and copywrites for the target market. From subheadings to information – we get to know the target culture. We succeed in producing articles that are perfectly adapted to each country’s specific requirements and are sure to make an impact on their audience.

The comtexto quality guarantee assures you of the highest quality standards for our services. Whether you’re looking for a solution for translation, proofreading/revision, copywriting, terminology management, video and audio editing or process integration. Our quality guarantee covers all our specialist areas such as banking, retail, energy, mobility, the public sector, pharmaceutics, law, telecommunications, tourism, insurance, as well as advertising & PR. In addition, we meet far more than the required standards in terms of human and technical resources, as well as quality and project management.