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comtexto not only works on your texts in isolation, but also exploits the best possible technological solution for the implementation of your project. Firstly, text quality is significantly increased and secondly, the overall process becomes much faster.


We don’t simply translate your original document line for line. We create a new text that is lively and compelling in its own right. We are as demanding and discerning as you are. We pay special attention to language localisation, which means adapting products and information content to Switzerland’s linguistic and cultural conditions. Our translators are all specially selected, experienced, trained specialists who translate into their mother tongue.


During proofreading, we check the spelling, grammar and punctuation of a text very carefully. You will receive an error-free text as the final version. During revision, as well as checking spelling, grammar and punctuation, we also verify comprehensibility, style and structure. The result is a uniform, easy-to-read text that is guaranteed to appeal to your target audience.


Do you have ideas that you would like to put down on paper in order to create texts that will have a real impact on your audience? Are you looking for someone to write your newsletter, customer magazine or Facebook articles or speeches? Our professional copywriters will turn your thoughts into writing for you.


Terminology management… the be-all and end-all when it comes to producing high-quality texts! That’s why we’ve been investing a great deal of energy in the expansion and maintenance of specialist and customer-specific terminology databases for years. Our terminologists will do everything in their power to ensure that your corporate language is consistent and constantly up to date.

Post-editing of machine translations

Since an error-free and consistent translation is not yet possible with machine translation, professional post-editing of the machine-generated texts nevertheless remains necessary. The extent of post-editing required largely depends on the raw machine output and the subsequent purpose of the translation. comtexto is specifically certified for post-editing and MT technology, among other things.


Moving images offer great possibilities for successful storytelling – but also represent a number of obstacles. From transcriptions, some of which have to be staged specifically for each channel, to autoplay videos that start without sound. With perfectly edited subtitles from comtexto, your videos will set new benchmarks.


Whether it’s for a mobile app, a website or an online shop: language, localisation and terminology make a significant contribution to ensuring a positive user experience. comtexto offers successful localisation strategies for your digital products. Make sure you make the most of this competitive advantage!


Many of our customers have entrusted us with the role of central language service. As a professional partner, we fully assume this responsibility, leaving you free to concentrate on your core processes. For you as a customer, we act as an extended workbench and act as if we were an integral part of your company. We have all the necessary skills and infrastructure and, thanks to our specialisation, can offer our services more cost-effectively than before.


A few years ago we were asked if we would be willing to take on the entire multilingual community management for one of our clients. This has since developed into a highly sought-after service solution that encompasses all the necessary skills – around the clock, seven days a week and at manageable costs.


Do you use a Content Management System (CMS) to manage the text on your website? Our innovation team ensures that your source texts are translated without any manual data transfer or input, eliminating tedious and error-prone tasks. Using API and plug-ins, the source and translated texts on your website will always be synchronised and up to date. The same applies if you use editorial or document management systems that can be operated multilingually.

Let our experts regularly check the content of localised websites to ensure search engine optimisation and a target-group-oriented approach. This way you can always ensure that optimal search engine indexing is guaranteed in all the language versions and that your users will find up-to-date terminology in your content. When developing new digital products, you should integrate localisation at an early stage – ideally during the ideation process (personas, user story etc.). Your entire localisation strategy should therefore be complete by the HiFi prototyping stage at the latest and must be integrated into user testing.

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