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French in all its variations

Are professional translations still actually needed today? After all, there are apps and software that translate just as well, aren’t there? The example of French shows that this view is far too short-sighted. There are numerous regional variants of French, such as Canadian or Belgian French, or the type of French spoken in French-speaking Switzerland or France itself. The subtle differences between these variants can cause information to be lost in non-professional translations. Similar nuances also exist in German, English and Italian.

A localised translation for trustworthy documents

Translating doesn’t just mean transferring words and information into other languages. Localisation is necessary in order to avoid all the pitfalls lying hidden in French texts. At comtexto, your documents will be translated by experienced professionals who not only have the necessary feel for the language of your texts, but also have an excellent command of the idioms, specific terms and local expressions used in each language. This localisation of your texts is one of the special characteristics of a comtexto translation, and you will quickly understand how important it is. In French, there are a number of terms that have a different meaning in France than in Canada, for example, or that are even written differently. This is significant for private documents, and perhaps even more so for business texts.

To make sure you will be understood

A text in German can be extremely precise and accurate, or as lively and elegant as possible, but certain aspects can be lost during translation if the task is not done professionally. Anyone having a text translated must be able to rely on the fact that not only the words, but also the content, structure and meaning are transferred one hundred percent. Comtexto provides you with reliable and accurately localised translations into and from the national languages of Switzerland as well as English, so that you can understand and be understood.

french translation
comtexto Übersetzungsdienst Zertifikat

We are certified according to ISO 17100 and ISO 18587. Our quality guarantee assures you of the highest quality standards for translations and localisation.

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