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Tone of Voice - comtexto
Tone of Voice
How to define your own tone of voice for social media:When it comes to content on social media, there are
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sprache globale kommunikation
Language 2.0

  The evolution of language is in a permanent state of flux. With the advent of the digital age, language

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Emoji dialects
How emojis support our daily communication and what misunderstandings may arise EMOJI DIALECTSInitially devised solely for Japanese users, emojis have
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Digital = multilingual
Digitisation and its fascinating effects on language DIGITAL = MULTILINGUALIn the history of humankind, everyday technology and its interfaces have
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Successful storytelling
The term “storytelling” is on everyone’s lips. But how does successful storytelling actually work? How do you attract attention in
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